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First day jitters!

Today’s the first day of the beginners’ workshop and we’re beyond excited to meet our new students. Fred welcomed the group with an introduction to the workshop and all the staff. The students we’ve selected are from all different parts of town and didn’t come in knowing each other, so a little bit of nerves is expected. We had an interactive morning where we played a little game as an ice-breaker and before we knew it the students were in great spirits and making friends.

Fred showed the students his photography as an introduction to the kind of work they will be producing and they were very eager to get going. We broke for lunch and immediately had to dive right into things! Mike led the group with a basic introduction to all of the equipment they’ll be using and the daily workflow, including shooting, downloading, importing, and editing. Many of these students had never used a camera, so this is a ton of information we’re throwing at them. Breaking into groups they helped each other through the whole process and it seems like they’re really getting it!


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