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Day 6 of our workshop started with a critique of the previous day’s shoot. This critique was particularly interesting and exciting since every group had gone to a different location.

The students had made great progress with their technical abilities. They talked about the particular challenges that their location presented and how they solved those challenges. A lot of the discussion also focused on how to approach storytelling in an engaging and effective way.

After the morning critique instructor Sarah Meghan Lee talked about her work as a photojournalist. She showed photographs from locations all over the world and explained how she approaches assignments on location. Instructor Rick Allred then showed his work and how he incorporates humor in his photography. Andrew Crane and Peter Lieberman also shared some of their photographs with the students.

In the afternoon students started preparing for the big day on Saturday, the graduation ceremony! They took time to reflect on their experience and all that they had learned throughout the week. They wrote a short graduation speech to share with everyone the next day. In the meantime all the instructors started working on the slide shows for the graduation ceremony. For several hours they huddled around their computers to edit all the great photographs that were taken during the week and to organize them by theme and group. The slide shows looked spectacular and we can’t wait to share them with everyone!

At the end of the day everyone gathered at the museum for the print signing! Every student had selected their favorite photo from the week that was then beautifully printed. To watch all the students sign their prints like artists was a real treat! It was a really proud moment for all of them!





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