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We’ve just started to get in the routine of things here in Toronto. When the students arrived this morning, they were able to present their images for critique with confidence as they’ve gotten more comfortable with the whole process.

Rick and Sarah led the group in a Light lecture about the different lighting techniques. and it was put into practice with a shooting exercise outside. To follow, Elizabeth presented her commercial and personal photography as another example of what a career in photography can look like.

Other than general inspiration to shoot, it’s also really important for the students to see how pictures can work together to tell a story. At the end of the week each group will present their slideshow as well as one Story Show from the class’s work curated to depict “Our Sustainable Future.”

One of Sarah’s advanced students from last week, Nusrat, presented her group’s slideshow visualizing Gender Equality. Fred followed up with a former Story Show from Mexico. All that motivation to propel them into this afternoons’ location shoot. Our first location shoot of the workshop!

All the groups bused over together to the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) to see the hub of the Toronto public transportation. A place where all the city’s public transportation is both restored, repaired, and managed. The students got an inside look into the backend of the public transportation system, a look into a world where few from the general public are allowed. It was such a treat! We wrapped the day and ran back to our classroom to download and edit for tomorrows’ critique. They’ve got a ton of images, can’t wait for you to see what these students are coming up with!

Special thanks to Stuart Green, Mike Farhoud, and all of their collagues for helping organize and faciliate the tours!




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