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We started off the morning with a review of the students best three images from yesterday’s shoot. Normally we, as instructors, run the show and lead the critique and conversation about these images. However, because this is an Advanced Workshop, the students are completely in charge. They did a great job sparking conversation about their work and provided insightful critique for each other.

After the critique, we broke into our groups and ran off to document our assignments. Still shooting with their concept and/or story in mind, the students were eager to dive right in now that they had a shooting direction from the mornings’ critique.


The afternoon photography experiences were diverse and adventurous ranging from a Thai-Chi class, meal prep at a food bank, behind the scenes with a bug scientist at the natural history museum, riding bikes along the harbor, exploring an old factory converted into LEED-certified community spaces and watching an acupuncturist in action.

The groups wrapped up the day with the daily download and selection of their images for tomorrow morning’s critique. We only have one more day left with these advanced students and we’re so excited about the pictures they’ve been producing, we’re going to be sad to see them go.



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