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Our last day of photography on location and we got to visit two fantastic places.

It was well into many of the instructors professional careers that we first had an opportunity to photograph on the factory floor. These guys are 5 days into their photographic lives, and we’re walking the line at a glass factory and a chemical plant!  What a fantastic last shoot day!


On the outskirts of Monterrey, factory compounds are squeezed between the highway and the near-vertical mountain peaks behind. Some are shining new examples of modern manufactury and some have been in operation for 50+ years.  One of our factories was a chemical processing plant the prepares chlorine, sodas, salts, and other chemicals.  Super sterile and with strict safety measures, what sounds like a really tough location turned out to be a goldmine of interesting images. Likewise at the glass factory: for a manufactury that creates a product that is virtually invisible, there was plenty to shoot and see!  It was also about 50degrees celcius in places so we didn’t stay long!

We came back to the classroom and ran through our regular workflow.  Ate lunch and then hosted the Acting US Consul General and Public Affairs Officer for our critique.  All in all it was a pretty solid finish to the week for the kids.

We sent them home and began the work of preparing the graduation.  We took our group photos, exhibition prints were chosen, retouched, prepped and sent to the printers, the images from the week were compiled and sorted, and all of the images have been archived.  Starting tomorrow, we’ll pull edits to create 6 slideshows, totaling more than 30 minutes of watching.  Until then, it’s off to bed for us….after some delicious Mole!


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