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We’ve spent two days inside the museum, mostly in the classroom, learning about aperture,
shutter speed, ISO, motion blur, computer workflow, Lightroom, depth of field….you see where I’m going.  After a couple days of this, we really need to get outside!

In the morning after our critique, we took the students across the street to the park for our first

foray outside of the museum. We turned them loose with a ton of new knowledge, a million options, and basically no direction: the images they created were to be entirely their own.  As you might expect, this was their most difficult assignment yet.  Luckily there were some very interesting people in the park and the students were brave enough, once even they were sick of the flowers, to approach a stranger and ask to make their photo.  There were about a dozen men and women offering chair massage, a couple of sketch artists making charicatures, and plenty of people walking, playing, or napping. The students worked around the people and the architectural details of the park and made interesting images all while applying a ton of new learning.

During the evening’s edit we were pleased to see some surprises and are really proud of these guys.  We are looking forward to seeing what they can do with our locations for the week and pretty excited about the work they’ve already made!


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