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Tomorrow is the big day!  The 10 non-Academy students will arrive at 9 A.M.

We spent the day getting the final details together before the start of the workshop tomorrow. Alex, Sarah, and Wendy drove off this morning to scout the final location on their list; a residential school for disabled kids.  It’s a compelling topic for our students to photograph.  All of the photos in this Blog are from that location.  Meanwhile Fred, Esha, and Elizabeth made the final touches on classroom preparation.

Often, when we conduct these workshops at a new location, we confront issues that require a bit of problem solving…or thinking on the fly, merely because we’ve never been there before and don’t know the facilities or resources.  Today, it was about the location of our graduation ceremony. You may think that our graduation ceremony is at the end of the week…and we haven’t even met the kids yet.  Nevertheless, we have to be prepared.

The comic relief of the day came at the large, beautiful dining facility.  When the doors are left open, large crows fly in and swoop around the huge room, which has about a 40-foot ceiling.  To alleviate this problem, the maintenance staff uses slingshots to fire wadded-up paper towels at the birds to drive them out.  It’s quite a sight!

Right now, we’re wrapping up for the evening.   We need a good night’s rest before we begin tomorrow.


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