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The First Day of School!

Today we met the students and immediately jumped right into things with an introductory session in the morning and our tech session in the afternoon.  We’ve started a new tradition of beginning these workshops with a couple games to get to know each other.  This is our first time meeting the students, and many of them don’t know each other either…so we’re all a little first-day-of-school nervous.


It was an interactive morning session focused around acknowledging all of our goals, desires, fears, expectations and anticipated outcomes. We began this process in Lisbon, and, while it proved valuable, definitely needed enhancement.  The result is that our program has now grown from one week to eight full days. But the morning nerves were fought off with bouts of laughter during a fabulous game called Bingo (not the one you’re used to). We ended the morning session with a campus tour led by the resident students for all of us to familiarize ourselves with the beautiful AKA campus.


After lunch we had to get right down to it! We spent the rest of the day in our tech session. This session helps set the groundwork for the students. We go over all the equipment they’ll be using and the daily workflow (shooting, downloading, importing, and editing). This is the kids’ first interaction with our cameras and they were beyond eager to get their hands on them and figure out how they work. We pile a lot of information on these kids all at once, but, so far they’re doing great!

Let’s see how tomorrow goes.  It will be our first shooting day.

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