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We spent the morning with our critique.reviewing the second day’s shoot.  This was followed by life lessons and advice from being in the “real world” as a photographer. It was a great chance for the students to ask us all kinds of questions and pick our brains on many and varied topics. Our special gift, as a faculty, is that we all come from different backgrounds and have collectively lifetimes worth of experience to offer the students.

We all piled into a bus and off we went with some of the students volunteers from The Aga Khan Academy to the Port Reitz residential school for students with disabilities. It is an organization run by Ms. Mercy, an amazing woman with the worlds largest heart who actually attended the school as a child. Our students observed and interacted with the student volunteers who danced, laughed, and played sports with the residents. It was one of the most humbling experiences our students have had all week and it made a lasting impression on them. Both the Port Reitz students and our’s just loved it.  Many of the residential students paired up with our’s and had a one-on-one buddy for the afternoon activities. The students got some absolutely fabulous images. Can’t wait to see all the photos at the graduation in two days time!


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