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We started this morning with a critique of yesterdays first location images.  Everyone was thrilled.  It was just the thing the students needed to get them going today. One of the benefits the morning critique is that the students see each other’s work before the day’s shoot begins and are often be inspired to shoot in a different way. Sometimes a little healthy peer inspiration is all that is needed. And it seems like that was the case with this afternoons shoot.

Fred and Sarah’s group joined forces and went off to photograph Aga Khan students volunteering at the Mbaraki Girls School in Kizingo. They rotated through shooting a STEM program, based around science ideas and activities, and arts and crafts.





Wendy’s group was treated to a whole afternoon of activities and performances at a school in Freretown.  Meanwhile Esha’s group stayed on campus and photographed the First Aid Club and the Young Farmers planting in the shamba (a vegetable garden) created by AKA students on campus.

Tomorrow is our big location shoot with all of the groups, so we’re off to get a good night’s sleep in order to be prepared.



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