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We started this morning with our first critique of each student’s best three images from yesterday – their first day of shooting. The critique was led by Fred, Wendy, Sarah, and Esha. This was the first time the students saw their work projected and discussed, so it was a very exciting moment. This is how we’ll start every shooting day from now on; reviewing the images from the previous day.  In the evenings, after returning from the shoots, the students review all of the images they shot that day in their groups.  Regardless of the number of photos they’ve taken – often several hundred each – they have to edit their work down to three images.  It’s a necessary and valuable discipline.  It’s also extremely beneficial to have them learn from each other and to see each other’s work.

We touched on the elements of composition throughout the critique but dove right into the concept in a presentation from Wendy and Sarah. An example of an image with silhouettes was shown during the lesson and the students were completely obsessed. So, we took a little time to experiment and they shot some fun examples!

They  broke for lunch and spent the afternoon exploring and shooting around campus, keeping in mind everything they learned in the classroom session.  As always, they ended with the group download and edit, preparing them for the morning’s critique.

Tomorrow is our first location day, starting the process of learning how to tell a story with pictures and no words. Time for a good night’s rest in so we are ready to rock and roll tomorrow!


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