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There’s no looking back!

Today was the first shooting day and the start of tremendous growth for the students. We started the day off with an introductory lesson from Wendy and Sarah. They explained what a camera is capable of doing and broke it down into the three fundamental mechanics; aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. The students were eager to figure out all buttons and rapidly began to understand the concepts. We moved quickly as we needed these kids to be up and running on manual mode after lunch.  Lucky for us, they all seemed to grasp the basics! When the time came to shoot around campus, we were ready to go! We spent the afternoon exploring and shooting all over the beautiful grounds. Take a look at the slideshow below to see the images that were voted best of for each group!

The day finished with a download of all the files and each student (along with the help of their group and teacher) narrowed their images down to their three best to show in tomorrow morning’s critique. It was a long day, as it was the first day of using the cameras.  It’s always amazing that our students can take really good-looking, properly exposed photographs, on fully manual mode, with only a half day of instruction.  We’re very excited to see what these students come up with during the rest of this week!


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