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We dodged puddles on our way to the classroom this morning, evidence of a tremendous thunderstorm last night. Our students were anxiously waiting to critique their best work from yesterday, their first day handling an adjustable camera and problem solving their way to making properly exposed pictures. Spoiler alert – they’re already good at it!


The amount of information these students absorb in the first day is daunting, but they are young and strong. Sarah and Wendy stressed that photography has both a technical and artistic component, and our students managed to make images that accomplished both goals on their first day of shooting. As we practiced again today, they took more risks and pushed the ideas of what a photo could look like. Teenagers will try just about anything photographically because, why not? It’s a safe arena to take risks, and the rewards can be so beautiful. If it doesn’t quite work, no worries. It doesn’t go on your permanent record.


Meanwhile, our writing crew has been working frantically to research our theme for the week and already stopped by one of our locations to interview some sources. No, I’m not revealing our story just yet. It wouldn’t be fair to “scoop” our student writers by letting you in on it now. But I think you’ll be surprised by the serious subject matter our students will be learning about this week. Any guesses? Come back tomorrow and see!




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