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El Niño is in full effect here, and we are working around unusually wet weather here in LA. Lucky for us, Lafayette Park is across the street. Today we did our usual running exercise where some poor student or instructor is forced to run back and forth while the rest of the students learn and practice the different ways a camera can capture motion. Doubly lucky for us, a few guys who were going to play some 2-on-2 basketball showed up at the gym so our running volunteer only had to make a half-dozen laps before he was relieved. We practiced using fast and slow shutter speeds while holding the camera still and panning the camera to freeze or follow the action. Once our models were exhausted, we moved out into the park to practice composition and depth of field. Just as our models were getting exhausted, we got a lucky break in the weather so we finished in the gym. For the rest of the afternoon, we had clear skies and a beautiful sunset.

Once we returned to the class to download, we shifted into our typical evening workflow with new students stepping up to play the role of group leader. Our captains from today began working with their replacements this morning during our first critique and they continued tonight coaching them in the download. Judging from our first critique and the way these students are picking up the workflow, there’s little doubt they’ll be in great shape by the end of the week!

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