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It’s happening again! We are all in Lisbon and our advanced workshop starts tomorrow! Esha, the last member of the team to arrive, came in this morning, dropped her bags in her room and headed out to finish scouting locations with the team.

Lisbon has seen incredible changes in the past 2 years and our story for this advanced workshop will illustrate the changing face of this magnificent city. Tourism numbers have been steadily climbing and the real estate market is booming. It seems as though the people of the world have discovered the treasure that is Lisbon and are coming this way in droves…which is causing havoc for the locals. Gentrification is a huge problem for the population many of whom are seeing the cost of living balloon with the population. This is our story for our returning photographers. A lot of these students have been busy photographing over the past year and a half since our last workshop…but they’ll no doubt be challenged in the days to come. Our advanced workshop will provide an opportunity for the students to improve their photography as well as really engage with a difficult story assignment. Each will come out on the other side with a compelling photo essay that dictates the current situation in Lisbon.

The scout today went well and our team is ready to rock tomorrow morning! Up and out the door at 6:30 … it all happens so soon!

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