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We had a student this week from the Roma community, a typically isolated community. There were a couple times this week we thought this student was going to walk out. He had never spent time outside of his community and while he is a strong and confident young man, he seemed a little out on his own. We didn’t even think he’d come to the graduation ceremony. But when he walked in the room, the rest of the students went crazy and it reaffirmed for us why we do what we do! These kids, from various communities around Lisbon, rarely, if ever, mix. So to see these guys, over the moon about their classmate making it to the graduation when they thought he wasn’t going to come, was absolutely fantastic!

After 2 hours of talking, slideshows, speeches, and VIP’s, we adjourned the ceremony and everyone went to the exhibit hall to see all the work. The place was packed! NOW the kids start the waterworks! Some of these guys absolutely went to pieces! It was such an emotional experience for these guys and it was great to see that all the work it takes to get the logistical pieces hammered into place…that it’s worth every bit of the work.

Want to see what our trip was like? Check out the link below;




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