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It’s been awhile since the last workshop, and our team is ready and excited to get going! The locations have been scouted, the stories have been solidified, and all the logistics are in place. Our students arrived yesterday morning, and when Rick Allred got here in the afternoon our team was complete. Rick is the newest member of our team and is an alumnus of the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.  Due to his experience with the Santa Fe Workshops, Rick is well accustomed to the pace and the depth of knowledge that we will cover in one week’s time.

However, what none of us were prepared for upon our arrival, was the heat wave currently gripping the city of Athens. By 9 AM, when we were walking to the hostel where we’re hosting our workshop, the temp had already climbed into the upper 80s and predicted to be in the mid-90s all week.  “No problem,” you say. Well, that would be true, except that we’ve just learned that the air conditioning in the classroom is no longer functioning. In the grand scheme of hiccups, we’ve seen in the history of these workshops, this is truly a minor one. If anything, we’re already surprised by the incredible spirit of our young participants who, are dealing with this inconvenience as though they don’t even notice.

Our morning started off with the familiar introduction from Fred. As a participant, I could imagine that it would almost be too easy to laugh off his promise of a life changing week. However, as we have seen time and time again his promise proves true in nearly every case. These students have no idea what the week holds in store for them. We played a few games to break the ice and after lunch started in with our tech session and introduction to the cameras. Mike ran them through a rapid-fire rundown of the camera controls and then straight into a survey of the digital workflow. It was a relatively short day, but we’ve laid the foundation for the work that is to come this week. If their engagement and ability is any indication, we are in for an incredible week. These guys are super sharp and we’re excited to see what’s to come!

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