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We’re nearing the end of the workshop, and as always, it’s time to bunker down and check a few last things off our list. We started the day with our last critique of the week and then the students moved into preparing their speeches for graduation. Meanwhile, the team assembled all of the slideshow videos of their work. It’s been a kind of funny week for us, because, from a tech perspective, all of the technical issues have been going significantly more smoothly than we’re used to. It might be because we have Rick, who’s a bit of a tech guru himself…or maybe the gremlins are no longer hiding in our computers. But, for whatever reason this Friday’s edit session was cake…relatively speaking.


During the graduation ceremony in addition to presenting the group slideshows, we also prepare a Story Show. This Story Show is a compilation of all of the students work from the week that stands out among the rest of the work they are going to show. Sara spearheads this edit and has it down to a science. After she’d done editing, we simply add in some music and some title slides and by the end of the day, we’ve got a 30-minute slideshow for the graduation.


Aside from the slideshow, the only thing we have left to do is to sign our prints. We’ve made a bit of a ritual out of signing the prints for the students. They come in and lineup by groups and as almost a rite of passage, each student signs their print as they see their work printed for the very first time! This can be a monumental moment for these students, often mixed with all kinds of emotions and nerves. This act symbolizes the official end of the workshop and the beginning of the students’ new lives as photographers. Tomorrow morning, we will take the prints over to the gallery exhibition space to hang, do a little slideshow prep and then send these guys off into the world as photographers!

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