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After two late evenings in a row, Sarah let us have a late start this morning. We started with a great critique and even had a couple guests join us in the classroom! A couple of the people we had photographed in the community center yesterday along with some of the office and managerial staff came to see what we’ve been up to. The students ran their slideshows and each one got up and presented their top three images from the day before.


Starting yesterday morning the students began taking over their groups slideshows, today, they even led the vast majority of the discussion. To see the confidence and the knowledge with which these kids could talk about their work in such a short number of days is really astonishing!


After lunch, we all left for what was our final assignment of the week. The groups all split off in different directions with different subjects. Fred’s group went to the restaurant or a Turkish immigrant, Salim, who has in the past number of years become famous for his food.  Turkish lamps hung from the ceiling of Salim‘s restaurant and our students went charging straight in the kitchen as the kitchen staff prepared a mountain of kebabs. In typical restaurant fashion the pace was high. But having had almost a week of practice now these students are able to adjust quickly and shoot in challenging environments.


When everybody returned this evening, we did the typical download and edit, but the real jewel of the evening was selecting each of the students prints for the exhibition. As a part of the graduation celebrations, we hang a print exhibition of the students work. Each student gets to pick their favorite image of the week and we send them to a fine art printer in town. We make two 16’’ x 24’’copies of each image, one for the students to keep and one for the exhibition that our partner will keep. And now that the students are finished with class time, we’ve begun prepping for the graduation on Saturday.


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