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Today was a hectic one!

We had groups going in every direction at different times of the day! Rick and Sarah took their groups to a commons space that hosts a variety of local initiatives, very similar to a co-op.  Today, it was full of small businesses, student activities, workshops, and a farmer’s market…and believe it or not, these venders and activities change every day!  There was a Moldovan woman who opened a fresh juice bar, a father and son working in a family owned second hand store, and a special education teacher putting on a pre-school summer music class. And, on top of having such a diverse variety for the students to photograph, this place had INCREDIBLE light!


On the other side of town, Fred and his team photographed a women’s center geared towards empowering refugee women who have lost loved ones due to conflict by providing work training and language lessons. Daily English, crafts, and skills lessons are abundant here. The sounds of children playing in the nearby care facility painted a lovely backdrop for this activity.


Arthur’s group was off to the Victoria Square in search of the mobile library. We weren’t sure whether or not it was even going to happen. When they got to the square their luck held strong and the library they were looking for had just opened for business. With a number of patrons already thumbing through books, the students begin moving around finding all the interesting angles and working in really hard exposure situations. The inside of the mobile library was dark while outside the midday sun shone brightly. This is a tricky scenario for any photographer and it’s a situation in which the students handled gracefully.


Today, was one of those days where we could barely keep up and found ourselves running around in different directions. Because all of the groups had such wildly different schedules, we barely saw each other before dinner. But we made it through another long day, and after 13 hours, we were finally able to get back to the hotel for a quick dinner before turning in.


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