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Today is going to be a big one! If things go well we’ll have two different shooting assignments; one right before lunch and one that will carry us through to dinner. Well…that is of course if the thunderstorms threatening Athens don’t come barreling through town!

The exciting bit is that today is also our first real assignment day! Today is the day that we start on the stories that will form the real body of work coming out of this workshop. Our theme this week is social and cultural integration.

Each of the four groups went to a different location today to begin exploring our theme. Arthur and Fred’s groups headed out to a local open air market where they met and photographed new citizens and their roles in the marketplace. Our subjects were learning how to be merchants and shopkeepers. Rick’s group visited the shop of a woman who started a home craft business making bags from rafts discarded from the refugees who arrived in Athens. After this his group visited and shot portraits of a group of young men living together in a housing program.  Meanwhile, Sarah’s group went to photograph another set of workers engaged in home industry. They got to see people recycling and repurposing materials to make jewelry and crafts.

By midafternoon all the groups headed back to base and began a frantic download and edit before we left for the second shoot in the early evening. We did a little multitasking tonight. During dinner, we photographed a barbecue organized to build unity in the local community. It was quite an intense day, but the students handled it like pros!




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