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Even though technically it’s our second day, it’s actually our first day of real deep instruction. Sarah and Rick launched into the manual control of the cameras this morning.  Generally, once we get going with these workshops, we rarely stop and think about how much we’re really asking of our students in such a short time. By the end of the week we are expecting 24 students, many of whom have never handled a DSLR, to learn how to manually control and use intentionally all the capabilities of their camera… in just under week! Not to mention the fact that these guys are going to be engaging in some deep journalistic stories. Now that’s one a tall order! However, our sneaking suspicions from yesterday, that these students are more than capable, is quickly becoming true.  These guys are very eager and quick on the uptake. By mid-morning we had our first practice session outside and our students were nailing proper exposures consistently.  By the afternoon, they were already starting to understand the importance of taking control away from the camera. This could be the quickest we’ve made it through our lessons on shutter speed and aperture with any class to date!


After lunch, we had a couple more hours outside shooting before we headed in at 4pm to download and do our first edit. Shockingly, by 5:30 Fred’s group was finished and even uploaded their first images to the Facebook group. This is seriously incredible work! I can’t wait to see the critique tomorrow morning, an opportunity to look at the three best images from each student!


Check in with us tomorrow to see some of the images!


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