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We finished working on the edit last night a little bit earlier than usual and were able to head out to dinner around 9 pm! Now to some of you that may sound like a late-night, but, you’d be surprised at just how late we sometimes end up working on this last final push of each workshop. But so far everything had gone off without a hitch, so with all of our slideshows completed, we were able to relax a bit and enjoy our student’s success. However, we weren’t out of the woods just yet! There was still a bit of work to do this morning like a soundcheck and production run through to iron out any bugs. We’re always moving so fast at the end of the workshop week that it’s important this morning to also take a step back and acknowledge just how much these students accomplished in the short 7 days!

Nearly every seat in the room was filled as Fred took to the stage to deliver his thanks and opening remarks to begin the graduation ceremony. Families, friends, our VIP guests, and even news reporters packed into the auditorium to support our hard-working students. Wendy kicked off the group introductions and gave her students a chance to address the audience and give their impression of the week followed by a slideshow of their group’s best images. The other groups followed suit and before long we were down to two remaining slideshows, the Story Show and the Behind the Scenes Slideshow. 

For any of you returning to our blog, you know that each workshop has a unique theme. After we teach our students the basics of photography in the first couple of days, we then shift gears and focus on this story theme. So, for the rest of the week the students are shooting with this theme in mind. This week our students were focused on “We Are All Monterrey: City of Inclusion.” This was a powerful story, one that pushed us all beyond what we thought we knew. This workshop would have not been possible or nearly as successful had it not been for the partnerships we have with all of the organizations we worked with this past week! We are extremely grateful and so thrilled to have been able to see and document all of the incredible work they do on a daily basis! Want to see what I’m referring to? Head over to our gallery page to watch the slideshows from this workshop and see for yourself! There are some pretty powerful images!

The workshop wrapped up with the gallery show, group photos, silly selfies, and some snacks. Another great workshop comes to an end and the proof of our success is literally hanging on the walls. And you won’t believe it…but apparently a few of the images have already been sold! 



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