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Every Friday of a beginning workshop is a twisted kind of fun, at least for us tech guys/gals. I’m gonna have to keep this a short one because it’s absolute madness here. In a nutshell, we, the staff, spend the entire day combing through all of the selected images from the week and boil them down to 4 group slideshows, and 1 story slideshow. It’s a LOT of time sitting at the computer with one little break in the middle, the print signing.

From the very first time that we did a print signing ceremony with our students, it was obvious that this was one of the most powerful experiences of the workshop. The students all gather in a classroom and break into their groups to take turns putting their signatures on what is often their first printed exhibition print. Without fail it’s a powerful experience and the students always turn a personal corner. At the beginning of the week, when we asked these students why they wanted to take this workshop, one of them remarked that “I want to find something that I’m good at.” And now, sitting down to sign his print, a print that was one of the faculty favorites from the week…I’m sure you can guess how that student was feeling. And that, in short, is exactly why we do this! It’s the high we feel after being able to share our passion with a group of eager students.

I’m running back to work as we’re in the final push to hang the gallery show and finish all of the slideshows. Check-in with us tomorrow to see how the graduation ceremony goes…I have a feeling it will be a good one!





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