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After we finished our last critique this morning, students reluctantly packed up the cameras that had seemed so mysterious at the start of the workshop. Reflecting on their artistic journey this week inspired them to write short speeches for tomorrow’s graduation ceremony where we share the results of our hard work with families and community members. But the images attendees will encounter first are the exhibition prints students chose from all their best work of the week. They chose images that were meaningful to them, perhaps when they were successful with a new technique or when they met an interesting portrait subject. Teachers hung the show along with the prose of our student writers, and thus, we’ve added another layer of learning to the school library.

Before the prints and essays were hung, our students had to sign them. We honored both the photographers and writers at a signing ceremony where they proudly (and a little nervously!) added their names to their creations. Some students were amazed to see their beautiful images printed so large, and many knew exactly where they will hang in their homes. We hope the prints will serve as a reminder of all they’ve learned this week and provide a gentle nudge to keep expressing themselves.

The student writing that hangs alongside the prints has language that is as vivid as the photographs. Here are some snippets:

“Barras spends his day in the market selling coconuts while his diplomas gather dust.”

“So many try to make it in a jungle of endless time, showing more resilience than ever.”

“It is a lava hot day: we walk on a dirt road.”

We’re excited to celebrate our student’s successes tomorrow at our graduation ceremony.


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