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Today was the big reveal!

Our writing team presented a mature and powerful presentation that had the teachers wondering if we were really working with 9th graders. Their research was thorough, and it excited and bonded the writers and photographers to work together to tell the story of the informal economy in Maputo.

Thanks to the well documented work of the writers, we learned that 80 percent of Mozambique’s economy is informal, meaning it is not registered or taxed by the government. The research they shared told a story of people who craft products, move materials, sell goods and provide services that keep the country running. These entrepreneurs make Mozambique function on a day to day basis, and we’re going to meet and photograph them this week.

We left right after our briefing to visit some market sellers at a sprawling set up that offers many of the basics residents need to survive. Think charcoal, fruits and vegetables and even haircuts. Another group photographed and interviewed workers at the salt flats where they were filling, sealing and loading large bags of salt. It was backbreaking work, but they were happy to be photographed, and they answered reporters’ questions with grace and candor.

Our future depends on collaboration and communication, and our students embodied these ideals in every way today. We wish you could see it here with us.


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