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Today Fred and Yana (one of the advanced students who’s returned as a peer mentor) went on The Morning Show to talk about the workshop, here’s the link:

Fred Roberts Workshop Featured on The Morning Show

It was a busy day for us! We also had a CBC production crew come do a 2 minute piece for the nightly news AND a radio spot!! The coverage has been amazing today…let’s hope it translates to graduation day and the gallery space is packed!

Fred Roberts Workshop Featured on CBC News

However, let me rewind from this whirlwind of press and re-start with breaking down the day…

Day three began with our usual daily critique followed by a review of the techniques we learned yesterday. We are moving ahead quickly and today, our second class day, is our last chance to solidify our technique before we head into the field for our first assignment shoot! I hate to say this every time, but they brought some serious game to class! The had a lot of great images and quite a few “oooohhhs.” After the critique was finished we headed out again on campus to work on our first practice assignment, portrait introductions of one another. The task was to partner up with someone in the group who was unfamiliar and learn about them in order to make an informed portrait. We started by studying compositional elements and types of light, then went outside to practice. We watched Sarah’s (one of our Principal Instructors) slideshow as an example and then talked about how to apply similar techniques to our stories. By the time the last group finished up their edit and everything was said and done it was 7 o’clock – time to go home. We called it a day and handed back everyone’s cell phones (these guys are CRAZY with their phones..so much so that they had to be locked in a box just so we could get any work done)! It sure felt like one hell of a long and fast paced day…but we never said this workshop was a vacation…

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