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Prep Day One: The team arrives and we finalize preparations for the workshop.

Hailing from San Diego, Santa Fe, Los Angeles, Rochester, and Hong Kong, our gang is all here and ready to hit the ground running! Our director, technical director, and all of our instructors jump head first into finishing up the final logistics for the two workshops we’re putting on here. Sarah and Wendy headed out to finalize our stories, Arthur began work on prepping the exhibition space, Mike set up all our equipment, and Fred managed the organizational details. By the end of the day we’ll not only need to know who is going where to photograph what, but, we’ll also have to have a place for them to work, and a way for them to exhibit their work upon its completion.

For our workshops here in Toronto, we’re partnering up again with The Aga Khan Museum and Ismaili Center. We were beyond grateful that after a day of hard nitty-gritty logistical work, Henry Kim, the CEO director of the Aga Khan Museum, took us out to a great Dim Sum restaurant. We ate a delicious HUGE lobster that was big enough to make fried rice and two noodle dishes from! Possibly a little foreshadowing at the stake of a lobster…I think this is a pretty good analogy for whats to come in the next 10 days!


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