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Just a little re-cap about why this trip is so special…it’s because we’ve been here before. What I mean by this is that, similar to our most recent trip to Hyderabad, India, we have a batch of students (formerly our beginners – now our advanced students) who have returned to work with us! Here’s a breakdown of our first day in this advanced workshop;

We got started around 8:33-ish AM…took a little tracking down of a couple students who’d forgotten that the workshop started today – oops! But, not to fear, once we got going, there was no stopping our returning students! After the welcome-backs and hugs, we shook off the cameras and started the review. By mid-morning we were really getting into the swing of things, making portraits of one another and photographing around the grounds. We broke for a quick lunch and then headed out for our first location shoot of this advanced workshop!

Our story this session is focused around depicting immigration and integration. We’ll be focusing on local programs that are designed to help those who’ve recently immigrated to Canada smoothly adjust to their new lives. Our students will have three days to work in a small group to create a photo essay that communicates the stories they come into contact with.

Can’t wait to see what they come up with!

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