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On our second day of preparation, we got a great surprise. Usually, the day before the workshop begins, Mike does a short introduction to the technology with five or six students who serve as our group leaders during the week. This morning, we found out that nearly the entire class would be coming to this voluntary session!

As Wendy and Sarah headed out to scout our remaining locations, Arthur and Thomas sorted and tested each of the classroom cameras. Fred and our local partner, Giorgia, finished prepping the classroom materials, and Mike set up the classroom.

In Mike’s technology introduction with the students, we covered the fundamentals of our computer workflow and digital asset management system. Typically, we use an “I do, we do, you do” approach, but the kids – no surprise – were quick learners and picked up nearly everything the first time Mike demonstrated it. Our students were able to learn how to download, import, rename, and edit photos all in the first couple of hours! At the end of the day, these kids were masters. We are in the best shape of any workshop we’ve done yet.

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