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Of course, when we look back we now, the work we put in all week is what gets us to Saturday: all of the hours the students put into the classroom learning the technique, the hours looking at images honing their eye, the long long hours of practice and assignments, and the exhausting travel back and forth across the city.  But there are two specific occasions that stand out as defining moments in the workshops: the moment when they first see and sign their printed work, and when they see the crowd’s reaction to their work presented in the slideshows.  The pride they feel is impossible to miss.  Today, we were privileged again to watch the students experience these two great “highs” and one could argue that this exhibition of prints is among the best we’ve had.

The students in this workshop came from such diverse backdrops this week and their stories and sensibilities shine brightly through their work.  From our shyest boy or girl to the most outspoken, they all took risks, made pictures that challenged them, and put in the work. Today’s ceremony was a testament to that.  With more than 100 people in attendance, each student was able to stand up front and give their impression of the week and introduce their work.

After the slideshows everyone headed up to the exhibition of prints where we had a lamp lighting ceremony, news crews conducted interviews of the kids, students posed for photos and selfies with their images and we all had snacks and tea (of course).  So many families came out and we had invitations for dinners from all over the city!  As the curtain closed on another of these great experiences, we can’t help but feel relieved and encouraged that all of those long days and nights were absolutely worth it!

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