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Today is always a huge day for us.  We usually don’t do anything but build the slide shows all day and that is more than enough to keep us busy.  Last night however, some of the Aga Khan staff took the students out to visit a local celebration and so this morning we had to both critique the work that the students shot yesterday but also to do a download of the work from last night!  So while Wendy and I were back at the hotel starting to go through the edit of the weeks work for the story, Arthur, Thomas Amy, and Fred headed to the school to run the students through the edit.

Meanwhile Wendy and I sat in the aura at the hotel until they kicked us out, editing all of the work from the week that related to our stories.  Wendy was tasked with pulling the edit so that we could sequence the images, add music, and turn them into slideshows.  As Fred and crew critiqued the images from the week with the students, the two of us got to see them for the first time as Wendy pulled the images out that will eventually make up the final presentation.  As usual, the students created complex and very sensitive work and it was difficult to cut it down.  In the end though we were able to make some great shows!

Once the critique was over, the rest of the car returned to the hotel and it was all hands on deck.  We were gifted a conference room by the hotel where we were all able to crew up and work non-stop without interruption. By 9:30 pm we completed the final slideshow and, except for the graduation ceremony itself, our work as over and the week was a wrap.  We all headed to the restaurant for some dinner and were surprised to find a great cover band rocking out to classic rock.  A relaxing dinner and an early night and we are ready for arguably the most important day of the week: the day to celebrate all of the students hard work! These students, like so many before, have given us much to celebrate.

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