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Here we are again at the beginning of another workshop. Days have passed and thousands of miles have been traveled, and (most) of the preamble have arrived in Hyderabad, India for this episode. As of this morning, we are still missing one Thomas Kelly, re-routed for a second day due to a fuel shortage, and we are missing one bag of luggage that seems anchored in Hong Kong. Otherwise. As Fred said this morning, our life is perfect.

We had a great first day scouting locations and stories for this week and are feeling encouraged by the things we’ve seen. I’m not going to spoil the surprise but I will tell you that this week’s images will show ancient Indian treasures, beauties, and some crafty mechanical tinkering. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are beginning to suspect an episode of MacGuyver…but stay tuned…there’s more!

To finish off our evening, the team sat with the Leader of the India office of Aga Khan to try and work through a couple of logistical issues. Not only did we have a productive time and sort out the snags, we were able to do it with traditional Indian music and some amazing food as the backdrop. Every time we do one of these trips there are challenges, but in the end, once the wrinkles go away and we have a minute to reflect, we realise how incredibly special these weeks are and this one is shaping up no differently. Stay with us as we continue to prep for the week and meet the kids in a few days. And hopefully, Thomas will get here eventually!

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