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Today’s blog is going to be a short one…because from about 9am until a little after noon, the five of us sat in a conference room going through thousands of images that were shot over the course of the past week.  28,317 images to be exact!  We practically locked ourselves in the room! Our only escape was a mere bathroom break and the late afternoon print signing. Seriously, we didn’t even leave the room for lunch!  But at 4pm, when the prints arrived from the printer we welcomed the distraction.  Aside from the hour at the beginning of the week when we harass the students about losing parts of their cameras, this is probably our favorite ritual!

At the end of the session, each student picks their favorite image of the week and we print two copies of each of every selection, each 18x24in.  One copy for the students to take home, and one copy for them to sign and hang in the graduation exhibition.  No matter how we feel at the end of the week, when the students come in and see their prints, it is all worth it!  They anxiously practice their signatures over and over until their hands get sweaty. They laugh and comment on each others images as they float around the room.  Some get so choked up and have to step away!  It’s pretty magical!


After the signing was finished the faculty had to get back to their task at hand; creating the slideshows that we will show tomorrow at the graduation.  We made our longest ever show…so that’s pretty interesting.  We’re excited to show them tomorrow, they all look great!  We are pretty sure the students are gonna be blown away!




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