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Today was our second day of story assignments. It was our first time going into a location completely unfamiliar with the assignment in every way, with the expectation that after just two hours of photography, we will have captured the story.

Fortunately for us, our location was the heritage building that is now occupied by the University of Toronto Schools. A beautiful old school building more than 100 years old, the architecture just drips with nostalgia.

The UTS hosts a March Break Music program every year that is mostly student led and is open to students from all over the community. They have a wide variety of programs, from sectionals to Taiko drumming, jam band to glee club. Between the sounds, the smells of the school hallways, the beautiful light coming through old windows and the great classical design of the space, there was more than enough to inspire our students. Other than chasing down a couple of wandering students, the shoot went down without a hitch! Our students worked in difficult light, small spaces, auditoriums and practice spaces and in the end, we came away with powerful, creative images dense with human interaction, emotion and creativity.


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