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This morning, we did our first critique of the students’ photos. Usually, we project the images on the wall. Not this time! Our classroom is equipped with two huge flat screen televisions. It’s so nice to be able to see the images in such an impressive way. The students have already produced some striking images, and it’s obvious they are going to go far this week.

After our critique – and two hours in the pitch darkness – we needed to get up and move around, so we went upstairs to explore camera movement and blur. Like last time, we had Sean running back and forth so we could practice. There were some pretty funny shots of Sean, but we got a good handle on how we can use a slow or fast shutter speed to tell a story about motion.

After lunch, we went outside to photograph around the campus again and utilize our new skills: depth of field and motion blur. We jumped off the walls, ran through the fountains and got up close in the bushes and flowers. The last part of the day we dedicated to tougher lighting situations, and we had the students work on silhouettes. Shooting a silhouette is a pretty tricky thing to do with the camera on manual mode, and these students are picking it up so quickly. We’re excited to get the students on assignment to see what they come up with.

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