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Caption: Credit: Fredric Roberts Photography

Caption: Credit: Fredric Roberts Photography

Each Fredric Roberts Photography Workshop revolves around a central theme, providing the students with direction as they learn to express themselves through still images. We’re excited to announce the theme for our January workshop in Bhutan in partnership with Save the Children: The importance of early education.

In a country with a 53% literacy rate and where one-third of the population is under the age of 14, education is a critical issue. Primary education provides the foundational knowledge that children need to grow and thrive, and sets them on a straight path for secondary and even higher education.

The 20 Bhutanese students who will be mentored by Fredric Roberts and his team this month will be given several assignments to capture images that reflect different aspects of the importance of primary education. Some of them will be using a camera for the first time…however, while conducting these workshops, the team has learned that sometimes the students who produce the best work have had little to no experience with cameras. We are looking forward to seeing how the students capture their world and how they illustrate this issue with the skills they learn each day.

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