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Today we suffered a couple of unusual luxuries for our team.  Firstly, with the progress we’ve made over the last couple days, largely a function of months of hard work by Fred and our local coordinators, we were able to enjoy a late and leisurely breakfast!  There was plenty to talk about and plan for but at least we could enjoy the work over coffee and dosas. Our second luxury of the day was a chance to get four of our students on the day before we begin in order to train them in our workflow.  These students will become the starters in our new plan to incorporate small group leaders into our pedagogy.  While we have always unofficially worked to get the more tech savvy students capable enough to take more group responsibilities, now we are incorporating it in a way that will also allow us to put each student in a leadership role for a day. The students will now each be team captain for a day and they will be in charge of equipment checks, location sweep, and all of the technical workflow.  Fingers crossed!

So we brought in four students and taught them all the basics of our Lightroom workflow, ran through the equipment check with them, and practiced setting up and taking apart the technology for our daily critique.  These guys are whip smart and caught on within minutes!  Now as we go through the week, they will model for the other students the technical workflow. It’s going to be a fun group of kids to work with and after seeing most of our locations and getting to meet a few of the students, we are looking forward to a great week.

After our tech session we charged batteries, set up tables and chairs and made name badges for the students.  The class list is set, the groups determined, cameras charged and the students all arrived this evening.  We are primed and ready to go tomorrow for our first day of class.  Expect to start seeing student work on the blog soon!

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