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Students playing soccer at URACCAN’s Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua campus. This leadership school is a bridge program for the university to prepare students for college-level work in the future.
(Photo taken by Sarah Meghan Lee on a previous assignment to Nicaragua)

This week, our team will be headed to the rainforests of Nicaragua for the next Fredric Roberts Photography Workshop with Save the Children. While our workshop in Bhutan last January was as exotic for me as landing in Shangri-La, I’m excited to travel to Nicaragua because of my familiarity with the region.

For a decade, I was based in Mexico City as a photojournalist, and I often traveled and photographed in Central America. The last time I was in Nicaragua, I was hopping along the Mosquito Coast in six-seater propeller planes, a dream assignment.

Back then, I photographed stories about Nicaragua for US newspapers, but this time I will be teaching Nicaraguan students how to tell their own story and helping them capture the beauty, achievements and struggles of their own country.

By placing the technology into their hands, the students will tell us stories about Nicaragua that visiting photojournalists would never be able to capture. I have no doubt we all will be amazed by the sensitivity, intimacy and importance of their images. Stay tuned!


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