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Our students are beyond excited to get things going this morning, and we’ve got quite the day for them. Things started off with a camera review and practice in the classroom led by Fred, Sarah, and Rick. We really piled it on yesterday, so we needed to make sure they were all on the same page before we added more.


Sarah and Rick taught a lesson on Camera Settings and broke it down into three fundamental mechanics; aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. With the help of visual aids, the students got some play time to familiarize themselves with the cameras. Before the morning was up we even had a guest appearance from Henry Kim, the director of the Aga Khan Museum and an invaluable partner of ours for the past 5 years.


We broke for lunch and reconvened for a presentation from Mike of his personal and professional work. A great inspiration of what a career in photography can look like. With curiosity flowing, we ran outside to practice taking portraits in pairs that demonstrated different depths of field. Mike also led the group in a motion and panning exercise which got the students excited about playing with their camera settings. We wrapped things up with our first nightly download and edit. Tomorrow morning is the first group critique. We’re all super excited to see what they’ve come up on their first day!


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