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20 kids, 4 helpers, 5 instructors, 7 days…

To say that’s all it takes for these workshops to happen is a mere understatement. Months of planning go into each session and from the moment our staff hits the ground, we’re up and running to get everything in play for the incoming kids. This time we’ve got a little bit of “first day of school” jitters, only because its new ground for all of us as we’re doing this workshop in Kenya for the first time! We’ve made the hustling and bustling coastal city of Mombasa our home for the next little bit.

If you’ve been keeping up with our past trips you may start to notice a reoccurring trend. This trip, like our last, we’ve partnered with the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa(AKAM). They’re a friendly bunch and have a wonder facility that is hosting us for the duration of this workshop.

Today however, our staff was split between prepping and scouting. Fred, Esha, and Elizabeth were busy prepping the gear and the classroom for the workshop. This included getting the classroom, cameras, and computers ready. Led by our fearless AKAM leader Alex Holland, Sarah and Wendy went out into town scouting locations on the mad hunt for stories the kids could photograph. They had a full day and ended up making 7 inquiries, among them was a pet sanctuary and a girl’s school. After they got stuck in the mud and had to push the van up the hill, they were surprised to find 100 kids in 1 classroom! Needless to say we’re gearing up for the week and looking forward to meeting these kids!

Stay tuned for whats to come!


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