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Today we wrapped up the advanced class with their finished stories! The groups were assigned the task of creating a slideshow accompanied with music to best illustrate the weeks topic; the changing face of Lisbon.

Like yesterday, we started the day off finishing our editing from the previous night. The students did a great job especially given that their assignments were tough! One of the groups edited their images from their visit to a refurbished abandoned factory yard, while the other two groups had photographed their climbed up to a popular castle in the middle of town. These may sound like easy assignments, but they also had to shoot in a way that showed the impact of tourism, more specifically the effect of rapid growth and economic change.  If I were to ask you to depict all of this in a single image, how would you do?

After a long day of exploring yesterday, the students came back with images that were not only beautiful but thoughtful and complex! For the first time, the students were not only responsible for their own edits, but also had to figure out the sequencing and help with the slideshow. And the best part?….They would be presenting the final product in front of all of their parents and a couple of the Aga Khan foundation VIPs!

Today the clock was ticking to get all of their slideshows completed. Two of the groups were down to the wire and didn’t even have time to preview their final presentation beforehand! The students got firsthand exposure to the type of stress that can come with a real assignment with a hard deadline. All the groups conquered their nerves and we ended the week with a festive graduation ceremony…and of course emotional goodbyes!

Now time to get ready for the beginners workshop…because that starts tomorrow bright and early!

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