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After today, we have the most taxing of the week behind us.  We had our second long day in the classroom and this time we solidified our understanding of exposure and then worked on, composition, blur, and depth of field.  Today was our last day to really get good at our exposures and to get a handle focus and motion.  Amy was the runner for today’s back and forth “action” exercise and she spiced it up!  She came ready with props, big swaths of flowing fabrics, and a bunch of old showtunes!  Some of us aren’t the biggest fans of musicals but that wouldn’t stop Amy, she was a twirling, singing, chaotic mass and was just perfect for our kids to practice slow/fast shutter speeds with!  The students were able to experiment with the ways shutter speed determines how the camera captures motion either by freezing the subject or allowing the subject to move through the space while the camera records the scene.  It’s always a tough concept for some students to get their head around but in the end a lot of them made some really interesting images.  Of course after our exercise we had the afternoon to practice shooting around campus and to end the day, we downloaded and critiqued.  Even still, we made it out at a reasonable hour.

Before we let Amy out of the cage however, we had a great morning going through our first critique.  Confirming what we thought from last night’s edit, there were some fantastic images!  While we had some trouble getting the correct exposures a few times, all in all, they did great and, man, some of these guys have a great eye.  We saw extreme close-ups, abstracts, and architecture.  They had graphic images, shots from really interesting perspectives, and images with multiple layers.  Aesthetically these guys are really sharp and I’m looking forward to seeing what these guys can do when they are feeling more comfortable with the cameras!

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