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Go behind the scenes of the weeklong Fredric Roberts Photography Workshop in Bhutan.

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  • Malcolm Harding

    says on:
    February 13, 2014 at 6:52 am


    Bob Triplett has been sending me me information on some of your recent activities including the photo shot and storie sfrom India. I have a grandson, Lance, who is very interested in a career in photography and is in his second year at University of Colorado, Denver, planning to major in some aspect of photograph. He has already had a show or two of his work and works part-time for a professional photographer. I’m told his work is very good! I have been sending Lance the videos that Bob has sent to me. He loved the India shoot.

    When Bob told me some months ago about your activities as a very successful professional photographer and humanitarian, I was delighted to learn this. I am now living in Texas between Houston and Austin on a little farm and enjoying life. I you are going to be in this area, let me know and perhaps we can get together.

    Best regards, Malcolm Harding

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