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There are those days when, in a moment of lucidity you realize that you’re standing at the end of the day and you haven’t eaten since breakfast.

Yep, it’s Friday.

Today was our long march.  The day after our final assignment day is a day for moving mountains.  Except for a critique of yesterday’s last assignment, we spend the entire day, cloistered in a small office somewhere creating the slideshows that will be the bulk of the graduation ceremony.  It’s literally 12+ hours in front of a computer non-stop except for lunch (maybe) and the part where the students sign their prints.  That one break however, is actually my favorite part of the entire week.

We bring all of the students into a single room and arrange them by group around a large grouping of tables.  On the tables are arrayed the 24 prints that were chosen for the exhibition, laid out for everyone to see.  It’s time for the student’s to sign their prints and no matter how tough a kid looks, this gets to every one of them!  This is the moment that I love the most.

But, as soon as they were finished writing…we kick them back out and we get back to work.  There’s always a mad rush at the end of the week when we are trying to get ready for graduation but by tomorrow afternoon, we will have forgotten all the work in the glow of the graduation.


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