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Nick Souza

Nick Souza has been a professional photographer for 32 years. After earning a degree in Communication Studies from UCLA, he worked as a photojournalist for several major metropolitan newspapers in the Southern California region. Shooting assignments ranging from covering Operation Restore Hope in Somalia to professional sporting events, he developed an ability to create storytelling images.

Seeking new challenges, he took these photojournalists instincts and translated them into a career as a corporate industrial photographer. For over 20 years he has traveled the world on assignments for a variety of industries. A specialist in maritime transportation, his photographs have been exhibited at The Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History.

With a recent increase in demand for video content from clients, he has been focused on this new form of visual storytelling. The shift to capturing a series of moments has transformed his way of seeing. Exploring the creative possibilities of this new direction in both his commercial and personal work continues to offer exciting new opportunities.

His photography career has afforded him the freedom to pursue other passions in life as well. When not hanging out of a helicopter or perched atop a 200 foot crane with his camera, you will probably find him on a tennis court or riding his bike along the Southern California coast.