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Rollence Patugan

Rollence Patugan will always be drawn to people. Having come from Baldwin Park, California a small but diverse town in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County, he wants his work to serve the underrepresented. Growing up in the 1970-80’s as an Asian-American of Chinese and Filipino descent, he did not see “himself’ nor his Latino friends in government, sports, entertainment, and the arts. He didn’t exist as an American. In Rollence’s work he strives to incorporate the ethnic diversity that has always been a part of his experiences and reality. He starts with simple ideas and builds layers incrementally from there.

Rollence is fine-art and commercial photographer and a faculty member of the Santa Monica College Photography Department as well as the Los Angeles Center of Photography. He has been a recurring artist exhibitor for Month of Photography Los Angeles, Art Share L.A., City of Brea Art Gallery, and Smashbox Studios. He is happy to be a contributing member of the Fredric Roberts Workshops.

“Love art in yourself and not yourself in art.” – Konstantin Stanislavski