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Rick Allred

Rick Allred has been passionate about photography since grade school. (Ask him sometime to tell you how an otter changed his life and inspired his love of photography.) In 1986, after living in Northern Greenland tracking navigation satellites, Rick changed his college major from Electrical Engineering to Photojournalism and became a “serious photographer”. He flowed easily from film photography to digital when he helped launch the digital lab at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops in 1996. Rick had a 5-year tenure as head of the photography department at the Hui No’eau Visual Art Center in Maui before returning to the Land of Enchantment – Santa Fe, New Mexico. Fueled by a steady supply of green chile, his life is full as a photography instructor, visual artist and happiness coach. Rick is patient, light-hearted and loves to empowering people to pursue their dreams. He is empowered and moved by the human experience and enjoys traveling, photographing and sharing the joy of cultural experiences.

In 2018, Rick founded “In the Folds of Peace”, a project to start conversations for connection and also generate 1 million paper cranes to escort to Hiroshima, Japan. The project was inspired by the book “Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes” and the people of Hiroshima who, in spite of historic events, are committed to conversations for peace and education. Rick has escorted more than 40,000 paper cranes to Hiroshima and will be continuing the annual migration until the million crane goal is reached.

Rick is currently challenging himself in a Masters in Fine Art program in photography and expanding his expression to art installations (a great marriage of his puzzle-solving, engineering brain and his creative, artist brain).