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Aly Manji

Aly Manji left the IT industry after 27 years and has worked at the Aga Khan Museum as an Operations and Logistics Coordinator since the opening in 2014. The Education Department at the Museum was collaborating with Fred Roberts at around the same time to bring the photography workshops to help new students, immigrants and refugees in the city of Toronto. I was provided the opportunity in 2015 to participate in the workshops as a staff member and student.

This is how my photography passion began and started to bloom. I had the ideal environment to take all that I had gained from participating in the workshop to a professional level and I started getting published in various promotional publications and exhibitions. These included quarterly Explore program guides, The HERE hard cover catalog, Year in Reviews, as well as temporary exhibitions for archival requirements. I also photograph major events, festivals, as well as tours including high profile dignitaries for the museum.

I have continued to be actively involved with the Fredric Roberts Photography Workshop (FRPW) in partnership with the Education department at the Aga Khan Museum since 2017 and most recently in a role as an instructor for both the beginners and advanced student workshops in August of 2019. This evolution is a true inspiration for all the students who participate in the program to feel empowered and transformed. The FRPW has truly been a life changing experience for me.

Aly is currently involved as a volunteer at the Aga Khan Museum to assist the Education department to work with the students to continue building their story telling experiences by mentoring and critiquing their work.

Aly was born in Tanzania East Africa and currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with his wife Shelifa to two lovely daughters Anisha and Salimah who have also developed a fond love for photography.

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